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Dr Blues & The Septembers
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Performing: 13:30
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Chris Ruest

Doctor Blues and the Septembers is a Costa Rican blues band founded in 2013. The band started as a jam social group playing blues standards with friends, and then started to write original songs influenced by the old school blues legends. The band gives that Costarrican Latin style mixed with the original American blues flavor to the songs. Since the beginning the Doctor Blues has been formed by lead guitarist and singer Francisco Huete, 33 years old doctor, big Tom Petty and Howling Wolf lover, gives with his straty and claptonish sound, the guidance to the band. The base of band is built by Andrey Moreno on the drums, 29 years old, he mixes the latin feeling with the blues groove, making the band sound tight. Complimenting Andrey’s job, is our bass player Arturo Jiménez, 29, he has found in the blues the way to play with freedom, feeling and passion, grooving the sound of the legendary James Jamerson as his influence. Freddy Castro, 35, adds the loud noisy humbucker sound to the band, influenced by the 70’s music, he provides the rebel and modern groove. Doctor Blues & the September’s band, was formed by 4 friends that have found in the blues the best medicine to cure the soul ache.

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